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Custom Needlepoint Pillow

November 2nd, 2012

Daniel Pontius

I do all sorts of custom work. Most of it is not photographed.  This pillow is for a client who had this needlepoint stashed away in a closet for several years. She had seen some of my other work and gave me a call. I had free reign to do whatever I wanted. I had thought, fleas. French knots. Another swarm. I like swarms. See here and here.

I do custom pillows and some other more unsual jobs. Recently completed jobs are 8 pairs of  white linen curtains appliqued with 200 black bird silhouettes . Another was a 9′  tall sheer linen tent with appliqued flowers and scallop details.

From Paris– Fez Embroidery

August 6th, 2012

Daniel Pontius

These are two exquisite Fez embroideries I found in Paris. They are unique because of their dark blue color and  that they are larger complete pieces. The smaller of the two is fine example from the 19th century in tones of indigo and woad. It could be called architectural in the patterning. Several times the dealer told me  it is a classic design, “It’s in books!” she said. It has very fine stitching– the front and the back being the same, and if you embroidery, you know what talent that takes.

The second piece is from the 1940’s and is unusual in that it is an all over pattern, repeating the same motif. You can see the charming  –what you could call a conscious irregularity–  in the middle towards the right side where the motifs interconnect. This could be considered a  mistake, but it is most likely following the idea the only God is perfect. If you create a perfect textile you are saying you are like god. Therefore there is a conscious irregularity in the pattern to not be perfect.

Check out  some previous custom fez pillows I have made in the past.

For these two new Fez the question is…to cut or not to cut? I think for now these will be going up  for sale as is at PontiusSHOP later in the week.


Upper West Side Apartment

June 16th, 2012

Daniel Pontius


Pacifc Palisades Holiday House

June 5th, 2012

Daniel Pontius

Pacific Palisades Junior Women’s Club 24th annual Holiday Home Tour. More about the house at THE HOME SHOW.




May 25th, 2012

Daniel Pontius

This is a quote that I came across reading The Sun King, by Nancy Mitford. Read about it in the archives.

This is done with a  vintage cotton thread on linen–the quote is from Nancy Mitford’s book, The Sun King.

In spite of being one of history’s most famous sodomites, Monsieur had two wives, a mistress and eleven legitimate children…the Grandfather of Europe every Roman Catholic royal family has him among its ancestors. All the kings of France after Louis XIV as well as Marie Antoinette and the son of Napoleon.

Oak Credenza

May 18th, 2012

Daniel Pontius

Extra storage wanted– a custom credenza  for a client at Deborah Berke & Partners- 2005, NYC.

Bond St. Penthouse

May 14th, 2012

Daniel Pontius

West Chelsea Apartment

February 16th, 2012

Daniel Pontius


Holiday Wreath

February 15th, 2012

Daniel Pontius

This 5′ diameter wreath Daniel Pontius created from the remains of  a stormy Santa Ana night in Los Angles. It was constructed from gathered palm tree stems,  pine branches and cones–entirely green.

Patchwork Pillow

October 25th, 2011

Daniel Pontius

Here is the pillow before.