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Vintage Pendelten Shirt

September 14th, 2011

Daniel Pontius

A new commission from the client whose pillow I crafted from Nana Joseph’s sweater.
Click on the photos for a clearer view– I don’t know what’s up today. 

This is from a favorite Pendelten Shirt–a gift for her sister.
The back is a linen cotton. It’s 18 x 18 and has an invisible zipper.

I have a new label

I’ve been doing commissions of pillows out of vintage clothing–old to something new- that otherwise might just stay folded in a drawer, hanging in a closet, or be boxed up in the attic. Hopefully the things that we own are beautiful and having meaning.

Felted Sweater

August 12th, 2011

Daniel Pontius

Surged with hand stitching.

My new cutting board and 4′ straight edge.

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The reverse is a camel wool boucle

At last my camera arrived, so I can take pictures again. This is a pillow I finished today out of a felted wool sweater.

Vintage Zig Zag Pillow

April 22nd, 2011

Daniel Pontius

You may remember this fabric that I found several months ago–a vintage Joseph Magin dress. Today, I found this raw silk and metallic fabric which I thought perfecto for the back. 15″ x 15″. Invisible zipper and white leather loop.

Vintage Wrap Around Skirt : Patchwork Pillows

March 14th, 2011

Daniel Pontius

Stanley wants you to know these are his favorites.
Ethnic woven patchwork
on a Chinese horsehair chest
Buckskin loops
Navy zippers with pink and red pulls
Zippers as part of the design.

It’s dangerous to have Stanley paired with the pillows as the pillows will likely be overlooked, but he likes his photo taken. These pillows have a fantastic 1970’s back fabric. A linen cotton with pink & gray threads woven as warp and weft which creates a fantastic color.