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3 Objects For Your Enjoyment

April 10th, 2013

Daniel Pontius

If these images were books; and if I organized my books by color, they would be mixed on my shelf with: Wonders of Rome- Eternally Beautiful, Grey Cheeked Parakeets and Furnishing the Colonial and Federal House. And, if I had the job of naming paint colors, I would name them:  Lubinus Brown,  Melton Gold, and Brønderslev Blue.


I took this photo one morning in Paris. It is the remains of my coffee bowl. Tasseography is Fun!

This is a painting my boyfriend found  at Clignancourt.  It is nice to have a photo and not another painting. It is nice to have a photo and not another painting–an affirmation for the horder. You can switch out painting for anything else.


A favorite stain glass window, in the crypt at Chartres.



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