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A Walk with Richard Sennett

January 30th, 2010

Daniel Pontius

A walk with American Sociologist Richard Sennet through the West Village. Sennet won the 2010 Spinoza Prize.

“The jury praises Sennett’s work. He has the ability to translate contemporary themes like individualization, lack of orientation and lack of power of modern man into accessible, guiding books. He is focused on superficiality and instability of relationships, and on the effects of power. His early work demonstrates strong roots in his native city Chicago, and his childhood in the infamous “projects.” His books bridge the gap between scholarly thinking and actual applicability…”

In this video interview Sennet says several things that had me take note: “I am interested in craftsmanship. I’m interested in how things get made and the social conditions that surround it.” As well as:

“One thing about the total ecological crisis that has struck me is…and that has to do with renunciation …with doing with less. Which means that a massive change in people’s cultural attitudes. What’s been in my mind about all of this is different models of sustainablity. We should really be focused on what is unsustainable. What can’t be sustained…”

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