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Amélie Dillemann

August 13th, 2008

Daniel Pontius

Images: Amelie Dillemann

Ethereal, earthy, ephemeral. Do you know of Amelie Dillemann? A Parisian artist and designer her work inspired me to take up my chosen craft and medium, cardboard. If you have almost every copy of World of Interiors stacked under your upstairs hall table, like my friend Ms. V who has a very discerning eye, you will find Dillemann’s work on the cover of WOI Dec. ’99 or in WOI Sept. ’95. 

The challenging part of cardboard is creating a solid structure from which to build and embellish, and if indeed all of Miss Dillemann’s work is made entirely from cardboard, as it says in WOI, I say hats off to Miss Dillemann. More pics here.

Some of my aluminum leaf cardboard frames are now being sold at my favorite NYC shop Penine Hart, Check them out and say hi to Penine for me!

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