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Beautiful Things are Faithful Friends

January 15th, 2010

Daniel Pontius


I have a penchant for kitsch and like my own ten minute video called, “Drinking and Sewing with Daniel,”
clever editing may be of benefit. That said, I have watched “ME” on the life of Elsie de Wolfe
several times and still find them quite amusing.

Much of the narrative is taken directly from Elsie de Wolfe’s, 1913 book The House in Good Taste.
You may recognize some of the passages. If you have studied photographs of Elsie like I have
you may also find references from the character’s costumes cute.

Don’t let yourself be shocked by the gratuitous penises if you make it through the first 5.40 minutes
to Part II. These videos may be too irreverent for a reader in Beverly Hills who sent me a question
asking why so many interior designers, “…have sticks up their asses.”

In response to that question, I think the simple answer is, Furniture Don’t Talk.
Perhaps a more complete answer is to be found in video. If you have any questions
to ask us here at Be Bibelots please do not hesitate to send them our way.

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