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March 21st, 2008

Daniel Pontius

The pink rectangular pillows were custom made out of Princess 602 by Kvadrat. The yellow pillow is made out of a vintage memo sample from The Cresent’s home decor department circa 1970. In lieu of a headboard, (in process) the first figure of three of a tri-fold cardboard divider–a stage prop from the 70’s–is at the side. The painting is a vintage oil taken off it’s stretcher that a past client was going to throw out which is supposed to depict workers in what a friend told me are the rice paddies outside of Beijing. The building in the background is the Temple of Heaven. The small litho is a vintage still life.
On either side the vintage linen shades have been converted into pendents–linen fabric with circles woven into the fabric. The sheets are a nice high thread count unbleached organic cotton with an extra vintage linen pillow case with embroidered flowers. The painted black bedside tables are a small and large size and are faux bamboo . A crystal decanter with a Dorthy Thorpe glass sitting on small copper enameled trays. On the floor is an old small throw rug with an interconnected fish pattern. The vintage Indian bedspread is a nubby cotton.

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  1. Anonymous #
    March 23, 2008

    Love the bedroom – it signals a man of taste, with a head not cluttered with nonsense decorating dogma.The room is filled with treasures, especially the in-progress cardboard headboard.

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