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Bronze & Glass & Polychrome

April 3rd, 2009

Daniel Pontius

Bronze wild-boar. 20th c. France. 

Two 19th c. glass cloches. France. 
Coat of arms in wood and polychrome embossed with copper. 19c Italy. 

“I don’t want more choices, I just want nicer things.” Here at Bibelots we are all about trading up. That said, having no chair at all is better than an unloved chair; a stack of books is far better than an ugly cocktail table; a cushion on the floor is much nicer than an uncomfortable sofa. 
The images above are some of the things that (I like to imagine) I would get to replace some of the things that I do own. Those things that I would not like as much, if I owned these. A new motto might be: Buy one & give two away.  
All objects in Belgium at Teijink Antiques.
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