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Interior Design Pillows & Reading

August 4th, 2009

Daniel Pontius

World of Interiors is particularly good this month. To start we have the minty arsenic of the cover story with a framed vintage scarf. I thought this light fixture dynamite–I’d been thinking of this exact thing for my deck if only I had learned to crack off.

Then, we have Bonnard and a new book which would certainly be on my must read list if I happened to read anymore. I have been going back to the books that I should have read at some point but have not. Last night I downloaded The Custom in the Country as I’ve almost finished up with Moby Dick. Okay they are on tape, but how I do wish wish Librivox would do Swann’s Way in English because then I would feel all caught up. Having someone read Proust to me while in bed embroidering pillow fronts seems like it would be quite fun even though I do not have cork lined walls.

Pontius Design has a new batch of pillows to come — think inscriptions from 17th century silver spot boxes.

Pierre Bonnard is Dead

June 7th, 2008

Daniel Pontius

Some may ask why does Pontius keep posting pictures that are out of focus? Why doesn’t he find a pic on the WWW that illustrates the subject matter properly? Well, Dear Reader, such is life, no? Everything is not always clear, sometimes we only have a smidgen of a thing. Everything is not pristine and in-focus. A photograph can never be the actual moment. It will never illustrate exactly what is being viewed, but simply a moment in time that is captured. The photograph changes our memory of the experience and in the end becomes its own experience. Perhaps our snap happiness is tied to a fear of not discovering our purpose or developing our own congruency. I see me, therefore I am.
What I love about these paintings is what one critic called their, Domestic Hedonism.” Details that celebrate the everyday experience. To me they inspire details of future rooms. More people could go to art, literature, and nature for inspiration, but they don’t. Design inspiration is ripped from the magazines which is ripped from the magazines which is ripped from the magazines (or dare I say advertisements.
Who was it that said god will be replaced by advertising? Let’s reflect on the sage words of Gertrude, “A vegetable garden in the beginning looks so promising and then after all little by little it grows nothing but vegetables, nothing, nothing but vegetables.”
I must make a note to remember my own advice and search out checkered table cloths and the hues of playful color in the the setting of the Green Blouse in the fixing up of my next apartment.