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collapsible seating

July 12th, 2007

Daniel Pontius

A former client of mine in London and I used discuss our mutual fixation on Campaign furniture –easily folded up and moved. This didn’t stop her from having a storage unit, and it doesn’t stop me from having way to objects scattered and tucked in around and about my rooms and in other peoples storage units across the country. Her storage was in the most glamorous of locations– an apartment building adjacent to the Michelin building in an old maid’s apartment. I had wished I lived there and could imagine myself happy to be out of the cold like Miss Trotter on The Duchess of Duke Street.
This folding chair–2 of them–I snapped up somewhere along the way. The ultimate folding chair: leather & chrome. It folds up about 1″ deep for quick retreats.
I’m starting to sell some objects in my collection to make more room for daydreaming. Arrben, Italy c 1980.
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