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Edith Wharton Text Pillow

February 25th, 2011

Daniel Pontius

She wanted to surprise every one by her dash and originality, but she could not help modeling herself on the last person she met, and the confusion of ideals thus produced caused her much perturbation when she had to choose between two courses.

Homespun 19th c linen with vintage cotton thread.

The chair is American, c1890.

Quote from Edith Wharton, Custom of the Country. She is Undine Spragg:

Undine’s white and gold bedroom, with sea-green panels and old rose carpet, looked along Seventy-second Street toward the leafless tree-tops of the Central Park. She went to the window, and drawing back its many layers of lace gazed eastward down the long brownstone perspective. Beyond the Park lay Fifth Avenue—and Fifth Avenue was where she wanted to be!
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