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Gill Textiles

This collection of textiles– a coverlet and pillows — was originally inspired by their namesake the English artist Madge Gill. You can read a bit about her on one of my past posts.   Madge had a somewhat unique process. She would work in bed, or in the dark, or she painted on long rolls of paper guided; her son said, by A Spirit.

She denied in public that she was guided by a spirit, but I was still inspired by the story. I had the idea to sew the bits and pieces that I had collected together from the different pillows that I make. I sorted by color and I spent a weekend or two sewing together strips of fabric without putting much thought to how it came together. Later I took these these long 12″ or so wide rolls and composed the pieces.

Machine sewn piecework, hand-tied with crochet cotton and closed with a 1/4″ hand stitched blanket type stitch at the edge.  Vintage Hmong hemps & African textiles, along with contemporary linens. The coverlet was made as a throw for a sofa, or chair or for the end of a queen size bed. The pillows are 26×26.

IMG_6529 IMG_6678 IMG_6832 IMG_6841


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