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glass candlesticks

June 15th, 2007

Daniel Pontius

There is always an expectation of a precious find when visiting Penine Hart. Penine, a thoughtful editor of the interesting, romantic, and beautiful, has a keen eye.

When I was in last week, Penine told me that she bought these candlesticks because they were similar to a matching pair that she had once found in France. These three of regulated heights ; brass with a center rod of glass, I thought were at first an odd combination of lucite and brass within a Federal-like form, but Penine made it clear they were glass.

The clear glass shaft one might find a comparison–lingering in the liminal depths of our minds– to more contemporary Lucite pieces like Dorothy Thorpe’s candle holders. There, the center acrylic shaft was turned into a knot or bent perpendicular and either one or both ends were capped with a sterling silver holder.

The brass and glass candle sticks can be purchased for about 200 if they are still available over at 100 Kenmare Street in NYC.

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