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In situ

May 21st, 2008

Daniel Pontius

The workers are so loud this morning ripping off paneling and knocking odd bits from the corners of the apartment building (I think whoever designed this building 30 years ago was inspired by the Salk Institute and put paneling under the windows in some sort of weird homage and now they are trying to fix it) the vibrations, I thought, were going to knock off a Dorthy Thorpe glass from where it was perched on the window ledge right onto it’s pretty silver rim. I am now huddled in my hallway in the corner. I feel like as a kid during a tornado warning. You had to go to the basement and continue to try and do what you would normally do but in a place where you didn’t normally go.
An overview NYC trip to come. For now, images of Rosemary Hallgartan’s booth at ICFF with the Box Console in place. My absolute favorite was rug was the flat weave Glaze on the floor in fuchsia and cream of Rosemary’s design that she had made in Nepal.
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