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December 12th, 2009

Daniel Pontius

Our flight to Rome was canceled and we were rerouted through Madrid. It turned out to be the perfect stop over. My associations of airports is of the expansive monotony of O’Hara in the early 90’s– or later of the orange arrows pointing a circuitous path from the terminals at Midway to the El train. Memories that are slapdash and confined.

The terminal at the Madrid Barajas took me by surprise. It was all so simple and precise. Designed by Antonio Lamela and Richard Rogers, it was completed in 2004 out of steel, bamboo glass. The bright yellow steel structure creates a expansive repetition of waves: visual movement that leaves the mind orderly. Skylights along with reflective up lights are controlled and pleasant.

There are many shops to wander in and out of while waiting for your connecting flight. However the Spanish do to not like you to take photos of their merchandise. Twice I was told no photos with disparaging looks from attractive shop keeps who should have been in Almod√≥var movies. See the green Pumas. The shoes would have made my feet more comfortable in Rome but buying clothing out of type on vacation leads to disappointment. We think, “I am going to be a completely new person!” and then you arrive back home and mostly are not.

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  1. Anonymous #
    December 12, 2009

    You should travel more, you write excellent travel commentary.

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