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Mina Loy

July 9th, 2010

Daniel Pontius

 Bird in Space, Brancusi

Brancusi’s Golden Bird

The toy
become the aesthetic archetype

As if
some patient peasant God
had rubbed and rubbed
the Alpha and Omega
of Form
into a lump of metal

A naked orientation
unwinged unplumed
the ultimate rhythm
has lopped the extremities
of crest and claw
the nucleus of flight

The absolute act
of art
to continent sculpture
— bare as the brow of Osiris —
this breast of revelation

an incandescent curve
licked by chromatic flames
in labyrinths of reflections

This gong
of polished hyperaesthesia
shrills with brass as the aggressive light
its significance
The immaculate
of the inaudible bird
in gorgeous reticence
–Mina Loy

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