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April 28th, 2008

Daniel Pontius

“I began with an enormous rug; it’s that bell-pull by the fire place,” said Auntie Mame.
I’ve never sat by a loom for hours, but I have considered it. I started to do needlework several years ago. I immediately purchased a large free standing hoop. I never got beyond a stitch of what I think is called “cushioning” and I’ve never used proper wool; always cotton, which I think gives it a chic but naive feel.
The first piece I did (bottom pic–double click to enlarge) is a quote by Nancy Mitford taken from The Sun King done on linen. It was going to be a pillow but just kept getting bigger so it’s now tossed over a new chair.

The pillows in raw silk were done for a client. Quotes: Dante and Eddy, respectively. Although Eddy is misquoted because really, she just wanted to get some.
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