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New Grass

March 8th, 2008

Daniel Pontius

The fence is several buildings down from a friend’s apartment in West Hollywood. I love the curve which adds a flourish to the street. I am fascinated by the meanings of things. And when I walk by this fence I wonder if the white paint is a reference to some romanticized longing for suburbia. See Forbes on the topic of Green yards.

When in college I worked summers as a gardener in Little Italy, Chicago. I rode my vintage Gold Schwinn Colligiate down Ashland Ave from the Northside and since we didn’t use weed killers I had a steak knife and I would spend about 2 hours twice a week weeding the grounds of the Westgate Terrace condos built in 1968. The satellite view below shows the wonderful canopy which in the early 90’s was not available anywhere else in the area. But the people who lived at Westgate Terrace loved grass. And they would have chopped down the trees if it would have meant getting their 3 x 6 plot in front of their townhouse to grow grass.
What they did have were birds, and shade, and a range of ground covers and shrubs. I’m certain they would have loved, New Grass: “Everybody loves the feel of New Grass…kids, dogs, moms, and dads!”
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