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June 29th, 2007

Daniel Pontius

Not for sale, would seem an oddity in the shop business. One runs across it at flea markets–tagged on the thing that you want. We all become attached to our things. I’m sure many people could explain why: it serves a funtion; it’s particularily sweet.

I remember the dealer with her favorite bowl at the Santa Monica Flea Market early one morning. A friend picked it up and the dealer said when she asked the price, “Oh, it’s not for sale!” My friend, a dealer herself, went on a little rampage the gist being that if you are in the sales buisness it’s best to make the sale. The dealer with the bowl just smiled pointing to the dreaded sticker on the lip of the bowl. Why is the thing tagged the thing you want?

This head of an idealized beauty– I ran across at the antiques mall in Solana Beach on Cedros Ave.–go check her out, I’m sure she will still be there.
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