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Not a Pillow: Passementerie DIY

March 21st, 2011

Daniel Pontius

A large vintage silk charmeuse scarf here– 8 layers of silk

cut into 1″x1″ squares

Until sewn

The scarf is from the curtains (upper right) that I made out of scarves (btw 2 years is about how long your silk curtains will last unless they are lined)


Variation of color is due to sun fading the silk in the window over the past 2 years.

The colors are quite pretty

Result: 18′ of passementerie & a weekend of fun.

Hand sewn to horsehair ribbon

with 5 colors of vintage thread.

DIY; knock yourself out.

On Friday I thought that I would become a passementier so I set out to make my first sample taking photos on the way to share the process. Of course, I have been fond of making tassels since I was a child so I thought I’d expand a bit. Strictly speaking, this is a rather primitive form considering where one can go with it. A time consuming exercise. Now I must get back to the pillows.

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