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NYC Review

May 24th, 2008

Daniel Pontius

Having drinks with Isabella at Pravda and then seeing each other a second time at ICFF along with an early dinner at a very chic diner in midtown. Isabella said that her Reiki master told her she had rose energy. Isabella asked her what it meant and Reiki Master said, I don’t know. The Reiki Master says a lot of things like that to Isabella–only saying where one is on the map, but not why you are there, or what you could be doing– such is life.

Speaking of cartography, one of my favorite objects at ICFF were these wonderful globes from a Danish company, Atmosphere. I have a special affinity for globes as I like to look at where I am and where I am not; where I may like to go. The globes were the only thing at the show that made me smile with delight. (Back to ICFF later or as I like to call it, We are serious for design–what happen to the two i’s introspection and irreverence and perhaps a third, imagination?)
Martinis and Mussels at Bruxelles and then catching up with the forever fantastic Kadillac who has the most peaceful apartment on Bank Street that she loaned me for my stay while she was up at her most charming house in Colombia County–see her wearing found glasses on plastic turquoise necklace; just modeling.

Yves Klien’s, IKB 71 (California) at the MET (Note to Self: trademark color soon) and “NO PHOTOGRAPHY” i.e. Linda Carter’s Wonder Woman Costume & The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living & Jeff Koons; will post soon, and of course The Meissen.

The City Bakery has opened Birdbath-neighborhood green bakery. There are several locations, it will help you feel good about being a consumer and you can continue to make the world go round. I went to the one on 1st ave. The sesame banana bread had just come out of the oven.

Behind the scenes on Thursday with Rosemary & Jen to install the booth and of course I must add thanks to my lovely host and hostess Carl & Diana at the early part of my stay in Fort Greene.
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