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September 28th, 2008

Daniel Pontius

While it seems to be good to get what one desires, the greatest good is not
to desire what one does not need.

Guillaume Budé, the 16th century Humanist and founder of the library at Fontainebleau was on track with his words. This quote could be read in many ways. It could be interpreted in praise of the life of an ascetic. It could help someone to promote an agenda of fear and the idea of lack in the world. But to me, the quote pulls out the seemingly disparate worlds of desire and need and brings them together with our every present wants.
Beauty is something I need. I also desire and want it. The colors, textures, materials in their many different forms are reminders of transcendence.
In interior design, beauty can quickly lose out to interest, but it is beauty that will stand in the long run; not function and not utility and not a program, because those concepts always change. Beauty will always be beauty (beauty doesn’t change the narrative does) in its very essence it has a function, utility, and a program and no others are needed. Let’s start by drawing from nature a rich rebirth of narrative.
Image from color lovers.
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