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One Way or Another

November 25th, 2008

Daniel Pontius

My father liked to say that it might be worth something some day–you better keep it! Now, Christie’s is showing you that some of it is. The first Punk/Rock auction of memorabilia was held on November 24, 2008 in New York.  

A trenchant view of nostalgia’s power. It is the 30 year rule that the punks & rockers should be able to afford to buy the things they wish they would have kept. 
It makes me feel like when “How Soon is Now” is playing at the Trader Joe’s. I wonder what my 1985 self would think of me today as I debate about buying the organic corn chips. It also makes me wish I would have kept all of my Smith’s 12 inch singles.  
The above are some of the big sellers. See rest of the results at Christie’s
Click on the image to enlarge. 
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