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palm springs ornament

June 20th, 2007

Daniel Pontius

Now, in California for a holiday, I was in Palm Springs over the weekend. I love a good sun motif. Let us all evoke the power of Apollo! Do you remember when raisin bran used him too–illuminating the hearty longshoremen.

The shopkeep at Studio One 11 told me they are known for unusual and one of a kind pieces within a mix of modern to vintage pieces. There was a petal table and a swag desk–older pieces that have a quiet layer of depth to them. There were also some BassamFellows stools.

I particularly thought this screen brilliant. A complex wood frame painted as if with milk paint and a panel made up square cut paint by number boards.

There is an original look to a paint by numbers painting. The quality of the paint by numbers paint–muted tones of greens and browns and blues that develop into a graphic scene from the contiguous application of paint in a pre-specified areas.

When this artist cuts the paintings up and rearranges and complies many different paintings together it starts to develop a new narrative of its own (Did he paint these himself? Did he collect them from garage sales over a period of years? Is he implying something about creativity?) and he assembles his own work; a new landscape.

Some might say that this now has moved outside of the world of art and into the realm of the decorative arts and ornament with its central purpose of utility: to block or shield the eye from some view. This utility is further articulate by the nail heads which help to create a over all balance in a rhythmic repetitious field.

Did i say I adore this screen? I can not remember the artist’s name but you can find out if you contacting the nice shop keep directly.

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