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Pillow Green – What’s it mean?

March 4th, 2011

Daniel Pontius

Turquoise chintz embroidered with text and then dyed green-
tea stained and ironed wet to force out the stain from the center.

I like vintage zippers

and showing my underwear.

Someone asked me what it means. So, if I were to try to explain the feeling, I would say something like that it is all about remembering. Say you go to grocery store in your old neighborhood and you realize you haven’t been there for along time. You know where everything is and you know all of the people and you remember all their faces. It makes sense because you used to go there all the time and you used to see them. You then remember yourself there and you realize that those people are looking at you like maybe they remember you. But they are remembering the person that you used to be, who is not the person you are now, so they are remembering something that you are not, because you are different. So it’s all different, and it’s all the same. That is the feeling.

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