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November 21st, 2008

Daniel Pontius

If you are anything like me, you like to move, and you are happy when the move is complete and you are unwrapping the bit of 1920’s Japanese print silk you had forgotten about and you get to have a fond memory of where you bought it–somewhere between Hillsdale and Great Barrington–an antique’s shop that you used to go to with Kadilac where you bought many different things, a rug, a box, a lamp, and many things you didn’t buy–the black leather Victorian shelf–Damn that would have hot. And, it will continue to be a surprise when you unpack these other things, since you’ve been thinking about different things like what fabric to use for which curtains and do I really need a stove–does he think I will cook? So the after pics are months away but I am hopeful for a holiday party.
Being very excited about my most recent apartment, that I dreamt about for a year, I suddenly am longing for something new. In fact suddenly it seems quite small, my 830 square feet even after my previously 220 plus in Brooklyn. Not enough, I think, after seeing in Nov-Dec Veranda the above pic, A 20 foot tall Christmas tree, I mean really, can you imagine?

Veranda was the host of a show house at Greystone mansion and I attended the closing party. But only briefly, having gotten lost on the way as there is more than one right turn off Sunset onto a street with a sign reading Doheny.
After finding my way I was immediately told the house was closing. This being LA I had a 4pm invitation and no ending time, so 4:55 didn’t seem too unseemly to me. I inched my way by the pedantic lady at the door asking, “Why is the house closing?” “Because it’s over!” She said, “The presentation is starting in several minutes.” She being as exasperated as she was determined, “Do you want in too? Okay, quickly.” I passed.
The word presentation glazes my mind with more yellow than walls done by Nancy Lancaster.
“Check–yes– yellow walls room off den.”
I continued on noting the nice enough rooms. And there were some exceptional moments, the textiles, but I can’t remember the rest, I had a fearful presentiment: the Determined Lady would suddenly appear in my face, “The presentation has started in the courtyard!”
So I scurried around Greystone missing a complete wing yet as I turned to walk up some steps I thought, “This is space!” It’s no Chatsworth; it’s no Biltmore; nor Hearst Castle, but definitely room for a 20 foot Christmas Tree.
I will not be having even a 20 foot christmas tree this year. No space not to mention all the help the tinsel would command, and a stepladder that I would need to climb to be photographed placing the last ornament just so.
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