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Silk Pillow

October 10th, 2011

Daniel Pontius

A pillow I made from a 1960’s silk scarf with a marbleized swirl pattern.

Lately, I’ve been focused on my bedroom and have spent all my free time doing it up. A French vintage linen sheet for a slip cover on the headboard and I’ve kept the Euro-shams from the Rose Cumming Indienne Toile. I had an inspired moment and made a dust skirt out of the plaid Hmong hemp– they were for pillows to sell– it is the exact amount to go all the way around so what can you do? I’ve also kept the indigo German linen panel from several months ago- the color helps to make sense of the fucked up 1890’s Caucasian rug fragment. One Roman shade is installed (two more to finish) and the curtains are to be a deep purpley-red washed linen.  I also found a very simple Victorian English chest of drawers that would be perfect but I have built in drawers so I don’t need it (I remind myself) and my money is to go to buy textiles on my Christmas trip to Hong Kong and Beijing–yay. More pics tomorrow.

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