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St. Lucy

December 14th, 2008

Daniel Pontius

Who is the Saint of Forgetfulness? I do not know. But Saint Lucy, I am told, is the patron saint of the blind. I forgot to post this on Saint Lucy’s Day on the 13th which is said to be the darkest day of the year. 

This statue from Naples c 1750 of Santa Lucia is carved and polychromed wood with sulphur eyes dressed in the original cloth robe. Sometimes she is depicted carrying a tray with two eyes on it.

Saint Lucy lived in Syracuse, Sicily in the early 4th century. Her mother decided to marry Lucy off to a Pagan, which did not make Lucy happy. She told her mother that Christ would make a much better partner and she cured her mother of a long illness which convinced her. She got out of the marriage. This did not please her no longer soon-to-be-husband who gave her up to the authorities for loving Jesus. She was arrested and thrown off to become a prostitute. She refused and was killed by soldiers after her eyes were plucked out. Her vision was later restored by God. There seems to be a lesson to learn from all of this.

The statue is 34″ tall on the original gilt base. $9800.00 but I’ve also forgotten from where you might purchase it if it is still available.
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