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December 7th, 2010

Daniel Pontius

My bathroom wall is a little homage to Penine Hart. Things purchased from her. Butterflies from “Richter’s Butterfly Museum east Durham, NY & a photo of upstate NY taken with a Diana Camera by Christine Rodin.

A crazy lady pots plants. I mean me.
Bloom of the year.
Most of these plants came from a German lady named Mary that I met at a garage sale in Studio City next to my acupuncturist.  She said the next time I was in the area I should go by her house because she had other plants to sell. A month later, I was in the area lost and turned down a street and there was Mary in front yard working in her yard. 
I got out to say hi and I immediately stepped in a bit of dog poo. Mary noticed but didn’t acknowledge it directly. She tore off a bouquet of basil, half for her and half for me saying, “I love basil, it smells so good. People cook with it but I like to just stick it in my shirt pocket to smell it all day or I just stick it up under my nose!”

Recently I have been buying 60’s 70’s pottery so that I can re-pot the succulents at my back door. The current pots by my back door are out of scale and I want to put a stool back there so that I can sit and stare at the sky and drink coffee. 

Another plant from Mary potted as found. “Susan Arah’s” baby shoes. January 15, 1956.
A surprising bloom in the bathroom window attempts to buffer the next door view.

More blooms. I didn’t know they had flowers.

The boxes in my bedroom. I’ve covered all the pots and planters in the windows in white duck tape.
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