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the stool

June 10th, 2007

Daniel Pontius

Simple and notable: this McCobb stool with thin bronze square legs and delicate rectangular stretchers on small levelers as feet upholstered in a glossy vinyl. When I see vinyl like this, I wonder what kind of fabrics will be on stools found in shops 20 years from now.

In the industry today, there are many outdoor fabrics being produced. These fabrics have colors and textures that look more like natural fibers–see delany & long–than ever before; and will probably get used more indoors than outdoors for their hopeful indestructibility. That said there is still a quality to linen and cotton and wool that can not be produced as synthetic, and as much as we would like to fight against it things wear and tear and fade.

This stool can be found at Elan. There were 3 available a couple weeks ago when I was there for about $900 each. This is a good price but they are in need of some work. I would reupholster one in a brightly faded chintz and let it maintain a simple beauty all its own.

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