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Vintage Silk Scarf Pillows

October 27th, 2010

Daniel Pontius

And I on a soft pillow
will lay down my limbs. Sappho.

Vintage Silk Scarf cut & re-patterned.

Large “Musique” Silk scarf. Cut and repatterned.

Wonderful acid turquoise, yellows pinks and chartreuse. 

The alchemy of scissors and thread.

Piece work for me is about re-inventing and re-designing and re-patterning. It’s the alchemy that comes with cutting something up and putting it back together.

I started collecting vintage silk scarves after a summer course at Fitzwilliam College in 2000. I had a friend there who told me about a distant cousin he had just met in London. The cousin was in his 70’s and lived in South Kensington with his partner in a house filled with antiques. They had a collection of tea cups and silk scarves. At 30 I imagined being 70, in a large house with everything that comes with it, and a collection of silk scarves. I got back from England and I found an Hermes Scarf in a thrift store and my collection began. It is quickly filling up one of my Halliburton suitcases. Pictured here are pillows I made out of a couple of the scarves.


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  1. October 28, 2010

    Great work!

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