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You’ve got to get out from the underground Persephone!

March 31st, 2008

Daniel Pontius

Unfortunately (or fortunately–depending on how she used her time), Persephone had to stay underground for three months out of the year. My roommate’s sister has referred to our apartment as a cave. I did wish to be a spelunker having been fascinated at an early age by caves, but the problem with living in a cave is that it is damp. On top of living in a cave, as a friend pointed out today at lunch, to be located backed up against a hill in a slight valley doesn’t help matters. It is however Spring and I see the occasional hummingbird out my window as I type and the yellow Ranunculus I bought on Wed. are looking almost fresh. I finally got my CA driver’s license, and this morning I went hiking in Torrey Pines Reserve with my hiking companion who described to me the naming of Pinus Torreyana.
Thursday past, was the fated event–my computer started to blink on and off from a bright blue screen to a black screen– the pointy cursor a circle next to it rotated, trying to load something that would never load. I made the dreaded phone call to Dell. And, after (I’m ashamed to admit much yelling), the third Dell customer service person said to me, “Is it really that big of a problem… if your files are THAT IMPORTANT…wouldn’t you do what you have to do and drive to where ever you need to go and have your files backed up.” I guess me yelling, “That’s completely unacceptable!” Several times didn’t phase him. He was right, of course, and after I felt quite small. Backing up the computer (more yelling over the phone probably did not help) took three days and yesterday Dell reformated my computer and I now feel quite refreshed. I suppose it is good that it happened in the end. I had 20 gigabytes of files on my computer and my back up service that I supposedly use only allows me 10. I’m certain I will need to extend my warranty. Hopefully they don’t keep track of one’s behavior so that I will be allowed.
The vessel was a thrift store find this week. Japanese, it reads, “Spring Field” my interpreter said it connotes wet, the rice fields, fitting. I’m going to go on a trip and visit the Ranunculus fields this week in Carlsbad, I’ll take photos.
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