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Posts from the ‘minority textiles’ Category

Color Me Pretty

September 6th, 2013

Daniel Pontius

When I’m shopping for vintage and antique textiles, I organize my shopping by color themes. I like the colors to at least wink at each other, if they don’t speak. These are Geija sleeve textiles, a Dong dowry textile and a hand embroidered Hmong piece. Check out our newest items at PontiusShop






Mina Loy

June 1st, 2013

Daniel Pontius


P1040898 P1040905

The text is from Mina Loy’s Poem, There is No Life or Death. Read the complete poem and some of her others over hereThis pillow is from a group of text pillows–done free-hand on my sewing machine.  The fabric is dark oatmeal linen and the thread is this fantastic pink from my favorite embroidery shop, Des Fils et une Aiguille, in Paris.  The other pillows in the group, not shown, are similar and the quotes are at the very bottom of this page.

To see some of my past blogs on Mina Loy,  click one or both of those links. P1040918


The group of Grey Hmong Wedding Quilt Pillows— I just finished them this week– have  accent colors from a true pink to a pale peach.


A Saturday in Beijing

April 13th, 2013

Daniel Pontius

Every city has smells of street food that waft in the air. Some of Beijing’s Yams & Mutton.


P1020203P1020212 (1)P1010517P1010519

Bronze and Teal Pillow

November 1st, 2012

Daniel Pontius

A new pillow for you to check out. There’s more info on it in the design section here. Or, at our shop.

Pontius Design for Pat McGann

April 9th, 2012

Daniel Pontius

Something new to show. My line of pillows at Pat McGann Gallery. These are made from some of the textiles that I sourced on a trip to Beijing this past December– now at Pat McGann Gallery. Silk Miao textiles along with embroidered carrier pillows.  Hmong marriage quilts and hand loomed jacquard pillows. Come visit the shop to see more.