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August 13th, 2010

Daniel Pontius

It’s August. I am visiting posts started in July.

Everyone seems to love a dog, I have been finding this out as I am dog sitting this week. Here is Stanley peaking out of the red zone.

I like red. It used to be one of my three laundry loads:  blacks, whites and reds. I’ve started wearing red shorts and trousers but red doors make me jittery in the early morning. “Look at me! Look at me!”

I like to think of red as a directional way-finder. In my search I was led me to a blog called, Deep in the Heart of Happy which tells that the associations of red doors perhaps related to money, hospitality, Christianity and feng shui. 

But now that I’m back from my walk and typing in my Hancock park adjacent apartment aka Koreatown my floor has been thundering boom all morning with a neighbors vague electronic bass. I have been fascinated by Lynn Yaeger’s archives in the Village Voice instead of making pillows and wishing that I had planted some Swiss chard in one of my pots instead of more succulents. After studying the pictures further. I think I like the red door. It’s soothing with the yellow paint. I might however want to go and paint out the red zone on the curb.

In this second house, I find the composition and color scheme particularly charming. It’s sophisticated. The rather uninteresting windows and doors are tagged out in a color that simplifies. Skims them out to recede to the background instead of what is typically done which is to highlight and pull things to the foreground. For weeks I have been walking by this home and hadn’t noticed the green colored trim which is why it works. It pulls the landscape up and what you do notice are vines dripping from their boxes from above.

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