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Pretty Pretty Hats

March 13th, 2009

Daniel Pontius

Cy Twombly, Quattro Stagioni, Autunno

And gathering swallows twitter in the skies, is the last line of Keats’ To Autumn.
These very autumnal colors are pretty, and I’m in the mood for pretty– especially if it were a hat from Lanvin. I seem to be stuck in autumn today when Spring is only 7 days away. Maybe I’ll snap out of it when I go out to look for fabric. 

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  1. Anonymous #
    March 15, 2009

    Chekov had another quote with twitter in it that seems apropos of today’s twitter scene: “in our youth, we twitter like a bunch of sparrows on a pile of manure.”

    I refuse to look at any color except for yellow. Must be a Spring fetish.

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