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Pretty Pretty Hats

March 13th, 2009

Daniel Pontius

Cy Twombly, Quattro Stagioni, Autunno

And gathering swallows twitter in the skies, is the last line of Keats’ To Autumn.
These very autumnal colors are pretty, and I’m in the mood for pretty– especially if it were a hat from Lanvin. I seem to be stuck in autumn today when Spring is only 7 days away. Maybe I’ll snap out of it when I go out to look for fabric. 

Lily Photos

August 20th, 2008

Daniel Pontius

5 year old Lily was my offical photographer while I was in Bellingham. These are some of my favorites.

White: Another Mnemonic Monday

July 21st, 2008

Daniel Pontius

Hall, uncertain as to who or where I got this. I love it as an example of contrasts of paint finishes and subtlety. The glossy warmer white trim and panelling with the cooler flat of the wall.

Again contrasts of white with the dark of the background the simplicity of a white shirt. Painting from Center 44, NYC.

Tazza. Venice. Fillagree glass. 1550-1650. Dimensions: 4.75″ H x 6″ W. What perfect proportions.

One of a pair. c 1940? I took the picture about a year ago in NYC at a shop on Bond Street. It had just arrived in and I never got the information on it.

Roman Chair, 1933. By Sir Ambrose Heal, (1872-1959).

Fiberglass Chair. 1 of a pair. Black and White. These are mine, and I can’t find any information on them.

    Handle from Dorthy Draper bureau. Wood and White Gold.

    The connotations of white are quite easy to recognize, but lets remind ourselves: Purity, death, virtue, hope, cleanliness, healing, nothingness, being, peace, absence, good, surrender, horror and unity.

    White things I love: Wall to wall bouclé, milk glass, handkerchief linen, porcelain figurines, Marston & Langinger paint color: Canvas

    Mnemonic Monday: Advice on Yellow

    June 16th, 2008

    Daniel Pontius

    David Hicks Style and Design, 1987. “In this well-proportioned living room, two generous sofas to the left and right of the fireplace work well flanked by three elbow chairs. Opposite the fireplace, a large armless sofa provides a third seating area.”

    David Hicks: “The Duke & Duchess of Abercorn’s rotunda in Northern Ireland. Lit by a skylight, it has a magnificent coffered ceiling which I painted in three tones of grey. The background of the frieze was painted lettuce green to complement the scagliola columns. The circular carpet, designed to my specifications was made in the Far East.”

    David Hicks: “The magnificent dining room at Broadlands has four full-length Van Dyck portraits. For my nephew and niece, I suggested a color scheme of daffodil yellow for the walls and deep Naples yellow for the background of the frieze, the details of which were then picked out in pure white.”

    The bottom three photos are of the Yellow Room at Colefax and Fowler, a Nancy Lancaster personal finale. From Rooms Photographs by Derry Moore, 2006.

    Yellow is a difficult color to do well. If you do want to do it, take a lesson from John Fowler– color and layers and layers of glaze. A grand space can not hurt.
    Click on the photos for a better view.

    Mnemonic Monday: Puce

    June 2nd, 2008

    Daniel Pontius

    Years ago I wrote a short poem that ended, “a fabulous shade of puce.” I can’t find the poem, but it began, “I love it when life works” some unrequited reminiscing over a particular Canadian ballet dancer. Puce, 1787, from Fr. puce “flea,” It is the color of a flea. Perhaps more so the color of a smashed flea. I love the names of colors. Farrow & Ball named theirs, Passage Puce, after a David Hicks done staircase at Barons Court. Above, a short movie by Kenneth Anger, Puce Moment (1949).

    Mnemonic Monday: To Green or Green

    May 26th, 2008

    Daniel Pontius










    Of course, I’m not talking about Greene & Greene’s Gamble House nor even our ever ready eco friendly green. But just green, the color. I woke up this morning with the green beyond the chain link fence, in this case scaffolding, out my bedroom window. It still reflects the sunlight and of course a lovely counterpoint to the sky blue. I think Green Gartside of Scritti Politti once said that he took the name Green (to paraphrase) because he once woke up and that’s all he could see.

    1. Farrow & Ball Arsenic my favorite color for the week–could be a fun play with Isaac Mizrahi’s “Extra silk” for S. Harris.
    2. The dining room at Biddesden in Wiltshire. Lunch Green from from Farrow & Ball’s “Paint & Color in Decoration.” A must read for painting techniques & brushwork–something to study in our spray on orange peel on dry wall world.

    3. Lutyens Green at Lindisfrane Castle, on Holy Island, also from P & C in D.
    4. Teal greens in the mosaic work in Raymond Isidore’s, La Maison Pique-Assiette. Monsieur Isidore was for a while a caretaker of the Saint Cheron cemetery near Chartres. He began his life’s work embellishing his home and gardens in 1938 collecting bits of pottery and incorporating it into his interior–he completed it in 1962 then dying 2 years later.
    5. I rip things out, this inspiration for my future country garden.
    6. Rip out inspiration: subtle green on the walls with a dense arrangment of furniture.
    7. The ever present, Elsie de Wolfe and her pale blue green walls and mauve printed chintz upolstery & curtains in her 1910 showhouse, 131 East 71st Street, NYC.
    8. The brilliant green sofa in David Hicks’ Suite at the St. Regis.
    9. The crisp white glazed chintz inner drape a wonderful contrast to the outer printed greens and the slightly more blue green of the side chair.
    10. Ashley & Allegra Hicks’ country home. The green walls painted to look like sewn panels of leather. Further notice the floor in the kitchen which is a striped cherry and walnut veneer.

    Pink Lamps

    February 13th, 2008

    Daniel Pontius

    At Rubish across from Lawson-Fenning in Silverlake. Rubish and the lamps have a fun feeling of what I like to imagine to be 5th Ave overlooking the park c 1980 (I’ve read Ms Wearstler is a fan). They also had a fabulous Karl Springer dark blue snakeskin games table which my shopping companion Michael wanted for Mahjong. Right in the area is LA Mill which is definately worth a visit for their coffee and atmosphere. The images on their website don’t really feature it.

    French Stools

    December 6th, 2007

    Daniel Pontius

    French 1940’s bar stools, beautiful green leather and details with cerused oak. At Orange in Los Angeles